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Sports Broadcasters

Drive higher engagement and monetization of your video content by creating personalized highlights in real-time and sharing them on any platform of your choice

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  • Auto-create unlimited key moments and highlights in real-time and share your content on any platform of your choice
  • Our easy-to-use auto-resizing technology allows you to optimize content formats for all screens and platforms in real time
  • Publish your new content assets to 30+ social platforms or your own website/app
Customize as per fan requirements
  • Create blended highlights across games/series/players at the click of a button
  • Auto-Flip any horizontal or landscape content to mobile-friendly vertical aspect ratios in real-time
  • Ensure tailored or theme-based content and channels to support 360 degree fan engagement

Maximize value from content

  • Add intro and outro bumpers and informative overlays/graphics to your videos on our dashboard
  • Encourage viewer participation through tappable and interactive web stories, enabling high conversion by allowing users to quickly switch to the live stream or a page with a single tap
  • Drive new revenue streams by adding sponsor messages and brand outlays at the click of a button
Case Study

Magnifi's Impact: Broadcasting the Australian Open to a Wider Audience

Dynamic, bite-sized content delivered through machine learning and visual recognition. Magnifi revolutionizes engagement, delivering personalized and immersive highlights for the Australian Open is partnership with a premier broadcaster to elevate their audience engagement

Case Study
How a renowned OTT platform used Magnifi to engage their audience with key moments and highlights

AI has the power to engage and enrich fan experience by using machine learning and visual recognition technologies to deliver dynamic, short-form, bite-sized consumable


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